Arzu Arda Kosar

Between the Two Word Wars
mixed media

My background as a descendant of the 1912-13 Balkan Wars refugees is the genesis of my inquiries about the concepts of purity, balkanization, change and repetition. I respond to the coercion between totality and fragmentation, the anachronism between terminal and transitory, and the confusion between reality, construction and fantasy.

For the installation “Between the Two World Words” I mapped the entire history of territorial changes in Eastern Europe between the two World Wars on my studio floor. The project started with the act of “cleaning” where the contents of the studio were categorized, organized and weeded out. The remaining belongings were gathered, packed and piled up along the wall. The place was thoroughly sanitized with a layer of fresh paint and the entry was sealed off with a transparent but impermeable plastic sheet. The installation was on display through the sealed door where the audience could look but not enter.