Arzu Arda Kosar

The Timeline

The timeline of the project:

prior to 2008, Kucuk Armutlu, Istanbul
Los Angeles based artist Gul Cagin developed an ongoing dialog with a group of preteens and teenagers from the centrally located Istanbul ghetto of Kucuk Armutlu during her visits to Istanbul

prior to 2008, Los Angeles, CA
Casual conversations between Gul and Arzu on a wide array of topics ranging from architecture, interaction of environment, especially man-made, scripted spaces and the human psyche, urban interventions, identity politics, the coming of age process, kids, life etc. led to a collaborative project.

December 2008, Kucuk Armutlu-Beyoglu
Arzu Arda Kosar met and interviwed some of the teenagers that knew Gul Cagin.

March 2009, Kucuk Armutlu
Gul Cagin interviewed and documented the youth, conducted drawing,digital arts, urban planning, story telling workshops and facilitated street installations with the now established Kucuk Armutlu youth group. She also handed out equipment for them to self document.

July 2009, Istanbul Streets
Arzu Arda Kosar recorded graffiti in an effort to map out territorialism among Istanbul’s various sub-cultures. She also interacted with local street artists by putting up her of stickers and tags on the street, crashing the Morphosis Graffiti event at Banker Han organized by Istanbul Street Art.She was interviewed on TV and asked to show her documentation of street art at Playstudio Gallery in Beyoglu, Istanbul.

April 2010 Küçük Armutlu-Kadırga
Gul Cagin conducted youth oriented interactive workshops, facilitated neighborhood tours where teenagers were encouraged to tell/record their stories about their environment. Cagin also conducted a public collage workshop at Kadirga Cultural Center where she provided the participants with photographic images of urban elements, scissors, glue, whiteout, blank paper, pencils, paints and encouraged particpants to cut, manipulate and paste urban elements onto existing local cityscapes to suggest realistic, fantastic, utopian visions of the city reflecting the participants’ own needs, wants, aspirations and biases. The images created at this event remained on display at Kadirga Art Center for two weeks.

September 2010 Sanat Limanı, Tophane
Gul Cagin and Arzu Arda Kosar presented a gallery installation Youthtopia: S, M, L, XL as part of the Istanbul 2010 European Cultural Capital events. The exhibition consisted of photographs, video installations, mixed media installations, light boxes, embroidery and paintings in response to their experiences in Istanbul for the previous two years.